Inka Cola / Holiday Shows

One of my favorite lyrics on our new record uses a nugget I got from a passage in Mark Pendergrast’s great history of the Coca-Cola corporation: in perhaps the perfect symbol of neo-colonialism, the Coca-Cola corporation actually bought out Inka Cola of Peru.  The line in the song goes,   “Mao’s Little Red Book slandered you / You bought Inka Cola of Peru.”  I received the following photo via text message from Peter Hughes while he was traveling in Peru last week, and it felt like the perfect musical valentine:


Peter plays bass on the record, but not on that particular song.  However, I know he understands it perfectly given his political interests and affiliations.

I’m doing two solo shows this weekend:

dA Center for the Arts, Pomona CA 11/24

The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco 11/25

Then I’ll be going to the Sunday morning meditation program at Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City.

We’re also playing these shows in the Northeast around the holidays:

12/23 Lily Pad Cambridge MA

12/26 The Outer Space Hamden CT

12/27 El Cortez, Brooklyn NC

12/28 HiLo Catskill NY

12/29 Phârmâcy, Philadelphia PA

And then later:

1/14 World Famous Athens GA

3/31 Oregon Wine Labs Eugene OR

4/3 or 4 Sunset Tavern Seattle WA

4/5 Turn! Turn! Turn! Portland WA

4/6 The Business Anacortes WA

4/7 Fox Cabaret Vancouver BC

Can’t wait!



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