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Inundation Records

Hi. My name is John Davis. Inundation Records is a small label I started to release certain versions my own music in conjunction with other small labels I work with. Some are available via Grapefruit Record Club and/or Midheaven for distribution, all are available at If you would like to make a submission to Inundation, or if you have a question about one of our releases, email


IND 001: John Davis & the Cicadas: El Pulpo (download/streaming; CD on Arbouse Recordings)

IND 002: John Davis: Outside A Small City (download/streaming; LP released on Almost Halloween Time Records)

IND 003: John Davis: Gnawing On the Bone (CD and download/streaming)

IND 004: John Davis: We’ll Teach Them How to Privatize (download/streaming, CS on Unread Records)

IND 005: John Davis & Dennis Callaci: Arches & Pathways (LP and download/streaming; co-release with Shrimper Records)

IND 006: John Davis: Pure Night Plus (2xCD and download/streaming; co-release with Shrimper Records)

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