Shows and Events

November 24th – The DA Center for the Arts, Pomona, CA

November 25th – The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco CA

December 23rd: The Lily Pad, Cambridge MA

December 26th: The Outer Space, Hamden CT

December 27th: The Safari Room @ El Cortez, Bushwick, Brooklyn NYC

December 28th: HiLo Catskill, Catskill NY

December 29th: Phârmâcy Café, Philadelphia PA

January 14th: World Famous, Athens GA

March 31st: Oregon Wine Labs, Eugene OR

April 3rd or 4th (tentative): Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA

April 5th: Turn! Turn! Turn! Portland, OR

April 6th: The Business, Anacortes, WA

April 7th: Fox Cabaret, Vancouver BC

atwood's tavern cambridge april 2017

plymouth rehearsal

columbus theater marquee




rehearsal 5

Ciao, JHD

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