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2020: Pure Night Plus (John Davis) 2XCD/Digital, Shrimper Records, Inundation Records co release

2019: Gnawing On the Bone (John Davis) CD/Digital, Inundation Records

2019: Outside A Small City (John Davis) LP, Almost Halloween Time Records

2017 El Pulpo, (John Davis & the Cicadas), Shrimper/Revolver (Cassette/US CD distribution), Arbouse Recordings/Inouï Distribution (CD, European Distribution), Inundation Records (digital edition).

2016  Deluxx Folk Implosion, s/t, LP/Download, Witches Pickle Records

2015   We’ll Teach Them How to Privatize (solo)  CS, Unread Records

2013   Spare Parts (solo backed by Simon Joyner & the Ghosts) CD / 2xLP  Shrimper Records

1999  One Part Lullaby (Folk Implosion) CD Interscope Records, 2xLP Domino Records

Singles: Free to Go – also appeared on American Beauty soundtrack album

Kingdom of Lies also appeared on the A Life Less Ordinary soundtrack album

1997   Dare to Be Surprised (Folk Implosion) CD/LP/CS, The Communion Label

Singles: Insinuation, Pole Position

1997   Blue Mountains (solo) CD/LP, Shrimper Records

Singles: I’ll Burn EP

1996   Room For Space, (Dennis Callaci & John Davis) CD/EP, Shrimper Records

1996   Folk Implosion EP  The Communion label

Compiles earlier singles Palm of My Hand / Mood Swing (Communion 1996) and The Electric Idiot (Ubik, 1995)

1995    Kids Soundtrack (Folk Implosion; also includes songs by Slint, Daniel Johnston, Lo-Down, Sebadoh, Deluxx Folk Implosion) CD/LP/CS London Records

Singles: Natural One, Nothing Gonna Stop, Daddy Never Understood (Deluxx Folk Implosion)

1995    Instress Vol. 1, (solo, b/w Sandra Bell) 7″ EP, Roadcone 

            Now available as part of Pure Night Plus reissue (2020)

1995    Leave Home (solo) CD/LP The Communion Label

1994    Take A Look Inside, (Folk Implosion) CD/LP The Communion Label

1994    Pure Night (solo) LP Shrimper records

            Now available as part of Pure Night Plus reissue (2020)

1993    Walk Through This World With The Folk Implosion, (Folk Implosion) CS Chocolate Monk, 7″ EP Drunken Fish (1994)

1993     R.I.P., D.I.Y. (solo) 7″ EP, Shrimper Records

             Now available as part of Pure Night Plus reissue (2020)

1993     Stars & Songs, (solo) CS Shrimper Records. Compiles earlier self-   released cassettes There’s Stars in You (1990) and Songs of the Trains & Rivers (1992)

              Now available as part of Pure Night Plus reissue (2020)


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