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Upcoming Projects


This is a list of some works in progress that should see the light of day in something like the order they are listed here.

*Folk Implosion Single

We have reunited as a duo and are working on new material. First goal is to finish a two song single. Should be finished by end of the summer? The songs are selected and demo’d and we are working on blocking out the arrangements…

*I Saw Sonora Hypnotized


4 of the tunes on this 6 song LP are about the westward expansion of US colonization in the 19th century, hitting on the role slavery played in the Lewis & Clark expedition, Zebulon Pike’s scouting-under-capture of the present day Southwestern US (when it was part of the Spanish Empire), William Becknell and the Santa Fe Trail, and the role violence against Chinese immigrants and Native Americans played in the 1849 Gold Rush and the founding of the city of San Francisco as we presently know it.  There’s also a song called A Chorus Line based on the Busby Berkeley film Gold Diggers of 1933 that deals with sexual predation, and a song called Cold about a character with a Midas touch that turns everything to ice instead of gold.

Lyrics to 4 of the 6 songs date back to around 2006, and home recorded parts have been kicking around for a few years in the home studio.  The collaborative phase of this project began with recording Oud and arranging song structures with Scott Solter in Mid March.  Things continued out in Portland OR at Type Foundry Studios on April 1-3 with Joe Plummer (Cold War Kids, Modest Mouse, Shins) on drums, Atlanta’s Noah Estrella on bass, Scott Solter on Optigan and upright piano, Brandon Eggleston engineering, and me on guitars and iPad synthesis.  There were lots of Lewis and Clark references around Portland, from 76 gas stations to national parks, and we had lots of conversation about why Portland is such a white city, with references to Klan activity in the state of Oregon during the time of its ongoing colonization, (see the Oregon chapter of the book Hooded Americanism.)   Memories were also fresh from a show I played in San Francisco right after Thanksgiving, where I saw an exhibit at San Francisco MOMA about the gold rush era of 1849, and was reminded how much of contemporary SF iconography trades on the Gold Rush, much as my native MA trades on colonial era Pilgrim icons and racist mythology including but not limited to the original “Thanksgiving.”

We did an additional day of drums with Rob Chamberlain in Durham on Memorial Day weekend, on the eve of his departure for summer tour with his duo Evil English.  We had fun using some choice steel drum and percussion stuff I picked up at the amazing Revival Drum Shop in Portland, along with a discarded spin dryer Scott rigged up as a kick drum.  I spent the summer adding guitar, synthesis, bass, loops and editing/premixing at home.  Vocals came next in early fall here at the ranch.  More recently, we did a day of viola and violin with Justin Blatt in the final session at Scott’s studio on Orient St in Durham, which recently moved across town.  This got put on the back burner due to work stress and touring.  but I’m planning to finish this in summer of 2021.

Morfbeats snare

Cheers, JD

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects

  1. Found your solo stuff a few days back while having a Folk Implosion nostalgia. Glad to read about new music!

  2. Pierre était le premiere visiteur français sur le site web Je vais enregistrer la Marseillaise pour lui bientôt, je le jure. Pierre, merci bien. Vous trouveras ce mp3 superchouette sur le website la semaine prochaine, peut-être. Cherchez sous “Free Music Files.”

    A la prochaine fois,

    John D.

  3. Oh! Did i missed it?

  4. Hi John. I missed you man. Got a lot of your music in my collection and it still gets played to this day. Room for Space w/ Dennis Callaci is one of my fav’s. Musically you’ve been an influence to me too. Who says one needs a lot of structure when you want to make a rock song; experimental or otherwise. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope to meet you someday….
    All the best.
    Jamie Franklin

  5. Thanks for finding a place for the rekkids over the years, Jamie…Dennis and I have been talking about making another JD/DC recording, only with a click track this time.
    : / )

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  7. Marc Christiaens on said:

    Hi Mr. Davis,

    Wonderful to hear that you’re making new music and looking forward to reissues of the old. I loved one part lullaby and went looking for your solo albums (not an easy task ten years ago in Belgium). Later on discogs helped me; found them, loved them!
    Keep me posted please and tanx-a-lot for your music!

    A Belgian fan.

  8. Tou-r-welcome! Give my regards to King Leopold’s Ghost!

    John Wayne’s specter

    • Marc Christiaens on said:

      Regards are given to the first and third one; the second one is too busy being haunted by handless Congolese ghosts!


  9. …and reading hand-ironed newspapers…

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