Thank You Kickstarter Supporters!

UPDATE:  Thanks to the following people, the Kickstarter for my new album was successfully funded!  You can navigate to the KS page to hear a preview and description of the record by clicking HERE.

My sincere thanks go out to the following people, from the first donor to last:

Carlos Valdez (pledged to donate homemade vinyl production for 7″ rewards)

Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley (donated direction and editing of KS video)

Penny Lewis

Pierre Chandeze

Christopher Fischer

Jen Bluestein

Jonathan Boulay

Sayre Schultz

Mark Pendergrast

Imani Perry

Liz Clayton

John Everheart

Ivan Kreilkamp

Tom Fisher

Adam Green

Scott Jacobson

Walter Crump

Peter Roundy

Michael Hession

Mark MacDougall

Bill Gefell

Tony Zito

Joseph Williams

Grace Harriman

Aaron Bennett

Simon Joyner

Padgett Arango

Leslie Gaffney

Franklin Bruno

Stuart Galbraith

Mark Givens

Joel Huschle

April Henry

Wim Leclyuse

Chris Deden

Luigi Falagario

Tristen West

Louis Barlow

Betsy Jones

Carrie White

Brian Erbe

Sebastien Gobichon

Kia B.

Megan McDermott

Adam Zucker

Tony Olssen

Ariella Reiss

Jason B

Anthony Star

David Fairbanks

Timo Pähler

Eric Davis

Eric Hoffsten

Vina Rust

Margaret Brown

Russell Parker

Joe Blubaugh

Beanbag Amerika

Betsy Seder

John Fenn

Kristin Clark

Paul Clunie

Lisa Marie Kuta

Ceridwen Morris

Brad Smith

Esther Drill

Michael Sacks

Austin Britton

: > )






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