Mixing complete! Going to Georgia…with a Heart Like a Starfish.

Just a quick word to share the news that Scott Solter and I have finished mixing our new record and it is now headed for mastering.  I will of course share details about its release as they become available.  I’d like to thank Scott for all the hard work he put into producing this project with me, as well as the many musicians who played on it.  Here are snapshots of the last song we mixed, King Piggly Wiggly, winding down.


Me and the Cicadas will be coming to Georgia to play Athens (Caledonia Lounge) on August 16th and Atlanta (529) on August 17th.  Possibly also Pilot Light in Knoxville on the 18th.

I had a lovely time hanging out and playing an in-store with Allen Callaci of Refrigerator while he was in town visiting the first week in July.  Check out his awesome memoir Heart Like A Starfish, about his journey through having a heart transplant four years ago.   I’ll be selling copies at our shows this summer if you come on down.

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