NC Shows and Thank You Midwest

big room bar marquee


We had a lot of fun playing in Columbus Ohio, Chicago Illinois, and Bloomington Indiana last week.  Thanks to The Owl, The Big Room Bar, and Landlocked Music for hosting us.


landlocked ivan

If you are local to or visiting NC, there are some intermittent local shows coming up:  first a solo acoustic show at the Aracana bar in downtown Durham on Sunday, April 10th.  Next, a 4 piece Cicadas show opening for E at The Pinhook on Saturday April 23rd.  Later still, opening for Simon Joyner at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill on May 24th.  Finally, opening for Allen Callaci of Refrigerator’s book tour event at Bull City Records on July 6th.

Come on down if you’re here in town.

owl tom meyer

RIP Marshawn McCarrell, who I thought of as I drove past the state’s offices in Columbus. Such evil things go on behind slick glass and stately stone.  We must honor and remember those who fight back.  It was good to see this sign across from the house where I stayed with a friend there.   Thinking of the school to prison pipeline as I re-enter the teaching and activist universe here in NC this week.  Our district is facing $16m in budget cuts after the county allocated an additional $2m expansion to the Durham County Prison’s budget and considers accepting a proposal for spending $86m on a brand new police station proposed to be built right along the racial faultline of Durham’s urban colonization / gentrification process.

black lives matter columbus

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