Musical Metal

Justin sculpture 1

One of the pleasures of having moved to Durham is the spirit of musical camaraderie I’ve enjoyed here.  One current partner in sound is Justin Blatt, who plays viola and violin with the Cicadas.  Today he sent me a recording of him playing one of the many metal sculptures he makes in his shop.  If you’ve ever been to the Acme Food & Beverage Co. restaurant in Carrboro you have seen some of his work there.  Below you can hear him playing this new piece.  We gotta get this new instrument in the studio for our next project!

In news on our current project, we just finished mixing and editing song #7 yesterday and are tackling song #8 today.  We will be opening for E, the new band led by Thalia Zedek, at the Pinhook this Saturday.  Friends up in my native Cambridge say they are awesome.

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