New video released today for “Masoch” on OWS anniversary


Today marks the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and to celebrate the occasion, we’re proud to announce that director Michael Galinsky has taken the time to make a video for the song “Masoch” from the forthcoming album “Spare Parts.” The video incorporates footage of OWS taken from an excellent short film he made called “The Normalization of Force.”  (Attentive readers may note that the last post before this was inspired in part by Michael’s film and theme of that name, and conversations we had leading to this video.)

I first met Michael back in 1990 Screen-Shot-2012-11-09-at-2.03.57-PMthrough mutual pals when we were both playing in bands and living in Providence, RI.  I became familiar with his documentary film work in recent years after we reconnected thanks to the tentacles of Facebook, which link mutual friends together like barnacles on a rock.  The film “Battle for Brooklyn” he made with his partner Suki Hawley was mentioned earlier in this blog in the piece Welfare Wings about how commercial sports corruption franchises dodge taxes and seize land by eminent domain.  I wrote the lyrics for the song “Masoch” in 2005 in a period when I was thinking about Relationships, but wrote the music and finished the song in a period when I was thinking more about politics and the impact it has on all of our “personal” lives.  Michael’s video blends the acting skills of his kids – (the star of this show is pictured at the top of this post) – together with the poker faced acting skills of the NYPD to thread together these two already interrelated sources of the song.  Check it out!  I hope we can make another one.  Stay tuned!


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