Pure Night Plus Released

On Friday, September 25th, this 2xCD 50 track reissue/compilation of early solo recordings that had not previously been digitized was released by Shrimper and Inundation. It’s available now through Bandcamp, Grapefruit Records, and Midheaven, as well as streaming on the usual suspects. Many thanks to those who preordered, and who helped put together, this archival project.

Some of my favorite “Deep Cuts” of the old school days are now remastered and preserved, including “Our World, Brained” “Into the Sunset” “World on Fire” “Hey, You Don’t Say” and more. I can still feel the heft of that Sony walkman with the stereo microphone and leather cover in my hand, all these years later – it felt like it would drop to the floor if you didn’t know what was coming. Later the Tascam 4 track, the click of the transport controls with that slight resistance to the pressure of a finger, and the rubber circles above the tracks for EQ and Pan, and the square little faders. The green manual typewrite, the feeling of being written, rather than writing, in an attic full of graffiti, as if the rhythm of the typing was more important than the words, a Remington drum set with steel levers and a silver case that snapped shut so tightly. The aquatint etching from junior year of high school, the self portrait done on Wickenden Street over a cup of good coffee. I will never be 17, never be 20, never be 21 or 22 again. And today, September 26th, 2020, will never come again either. Carpe diem.

The Songs of the Trains and Rivers cassette, which later became the second side of Stars & Songs cassette on Shrimper, will always be special to me. I wanted to combine The Fabulous Johnny Cash with EVOL and Korean Zen to make something like Buddhist country music. I was barely 20 years old, singing in an empty bathroom with wall to wall tiling, alone on an empty campus working to make money to pay for school over Christmas Break.
I had henna in my hair and an open C tuning. For that, I’m thankful.

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