Outside A Small City: Instrumental E-Release out now

Outside A Small City originally came out in a limited edition of 100 vinyl LPs via Italian label Almost Halloween Time Records in April of 2019. I’ve just made it available in digital form via Inundation Records. You can find it on my Bandcamp page, as well as on the big box online streaming and download websites.

It’s something of a companion piece to the instrumental record Gnawing On the Bone that I put out via Inundation last summer. Both records feature improvised guitar tracks that were later remixed with various kinds of electronic processing, like adding layers of paint to a canvas. Gnawing on the Bone was recorded back in 2015 with with an acoustic steel string guitar, then remixed years later; Outside A Small City was made with an electric guitar more recently, either in 2018 or 2019, I forget. : )

Both albums have lyrical themes via the song titles, despite having no vocals. Gnawing on the Bone featured songs that were all named after obscure bones of the human body, matched by a cover photograph of a Moa Bone taken by Alastair Galbraith. Outside A Small City features song titles that describe common sights I see while walking around my semi-rural neighborhood, matched by oil paintings by Luigi Falagario of Almost Halloween Time Records, based on photographs I sent him of local sights. The original vinyl release featured an original actual painting that was unique to each of the 100 copies. I picked 12 of my favorites and uploaded them to the Bandcamp release, one for each track and one for the overall album.

Check it out!


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