serpentwithfeet 4Ethers

serpentwithfeetI’ve seen a lot of people on social media giving props to Carrie Fisher for speaking out about mental illness, which wasn’t as common when she started doing it as it is now.  I remember Carrie equally for being sarcastic and mean in a way that few women celebrities are allowed to present themselves to be – “I’m not a nice person,” she said correcting an Entertainment Tonight type interviewer who was drafting her into the interview-speak code of inoffensiveness.  In the context of Meg Ryan type media fodder at the time, it came off as kinda punk.

Much like this awesome track called four ethers from serpentwithfeet, whose new EP Blisters I just picked up and highly recommended.  Excellent treatment and de-stigmitization of mental health crises, as well as queer deconstruction of gender straightjackets, but equally striking is the production’s arrangement – orchestral, no trap kit drums or drum machine approximations thereof.  & the voice carries the day in their absence beautifully.  Not much jumps out of the speakers these days the way this does.

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