Support Alerta Migratoria NC

up with education down with deportationAs a follow up to my last post about ICE raids in North Carolina in general, I’d like to post a link to a GoFundMe campaign to support Alerta Migratoria NC.  We at the Durham Association of Educators have been meeting with them to look for advice on how to respond to the recent case and prospective future ones.  Unfortunately, they have written that local Latino advocacy organizations such as El Centro Hispano have failed to get involved.  Alerta has taken up the reins but need resources to continue the work.  Here’s the statement on their page:

“We are Alerta Migratoria NC, a group of unpaid, grassroots community organizers. We work to stop deportations.

At this moment, we are supporting the cases of six North Carolina families whose sons or brothers have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

These are Central American kids who are seeking refuge from gangs, such as the Mara Salvatrucha, and whose countries failed to protect them.

We do not receive any grants or outside funding.

We are raising $5,000 to support these families. Your donation supports the following:

– Stipends to three organizers who are clocking 40+ hour work weeks (currently unpaid)
– Pay the outrageous costs of phone calls with detained family members at $3.75 per 15 minutes of phone time
– Maintaining a website
– The community hotline
– Shipping costs (i.e. mailing documents), gas and materials

Thank you in advance for your donation.”

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