Other John Davises.4: My Life as a Painter on the Plains

It’s hard to keep track of all of your parallel lives when you have a ubiquitous name.  They criss cross the English speaking world like railroad tracks.  Fortunately, I have spies.  Agents.  Tentacles.  Informants.  Eyes and ears, everywhere.

Like in thrift stores in Nebraska.

Megan Siebe is one of these.  Her surveillance skills factored heavily in my decision to ask her to play violin and cello and sing backup vocals on my forthcoming album, Spare Parts.  IMG_9209 copyNothing escapes her.

Thanks to her, I can add “painter” to my growing resumé.  Just check this out:

67043_4710145434388_555298404_n 188449_4710145154381_721594003_nI take pride in this self-portrait, which wears its influences on its sleeves.

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