“You should know from the kindness of a dog how a man should be” – Captain Beefheart


From Faces and Masks: Trilogy of Fire volume 2 by Eduardo Galeano

1833: Arequipa

“Happy creatures,” says Flora Tristan.

Flora is travelling through Peru, her father’s country, and in the mountains discovers the only animal man has not been able to debase.

The gentle llamas are more agile than mules and climb higher.  They resist cold, exhaustion, and heavy loads.  With no reward they give the mountain Indians transport, milk, meat, and the clean and brilliant wool that covers their bodies.  But they never let themselves be tied up or mistreated, nor do they take orders.  … If anyone hits them, insults them, or threatens them, llamas throw themselves on the ground, and, raising their long necks, they turn their eyes heavenward, the most beautiful eyes in creation, and softly die.

“Happy creatures,” says Flora Tristan.


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