The Man Who Taught Me To Hold a Holga

This is the cover of my first album, Pure Night. The image is an etching I did on a metal plate in high school.  I wanted to post a link to the website of the printmaking and photography teacher I studied with back then, who taught me how to do stuff like this.

He does great work in painting, printmaking and photography.  We’re still friends today and a lot of the images on the covers of my records were influenced by stuff he taught me.  I took the picture on the cover of my single I’ll Burn in my friend Mark’s front yard in Venice, CA with a cheap plastic camera Rusty (his nickname) recommended to me.  I loved how light the camera was.  It made doing something I wasn’t really an expert in less intimidating.  You can buy them for 30 bucks at B&H in NYC online.

Holga 144-120 120N Medium Format Camera (Black)

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