Feel It If You Feel It

A few days ago, the first post – reunion Folk Implosion release came out on Bandcamp. It’s got two new songs – like a double A sided single – with two additional tracks, remixes of those two songs by Scott Solter. It came out on limited edition vinyl, cassette, and unlimited edition CD. The vinyl has sold out already, but you can still grab the cassette as of this writing. The CD is cheap, easy to make again quickly, and, we think, sounds the best of the three formats – so that will be there indefinitely. The download is 4 bucks.

It’ll hit streaming services on April 29th. It’s got the James Bond style catalog number for Inundation Records – IND-007, but it doesn’t work for the British Empire. You can check it out here. We’re pleasantly surprised at the warmth of the reception it’s received over the past few days, after all these years of absence.


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