Durham City Workers Event for locals

durham works because we doAre you living in the Triangle area?  Consider attending an even this Thursday at 6 pm organized by the Durham City Workers, local branch of the UE150 NC Public Service Workers Union.

Their description from this Facebook event page, which has time and location info:

City workers are tired of getting passed over for promotion by people with a tenth of our experience, just because they’re buddies with the all-white management. We’re tired of getting pushed around in chronically short-staffed departments, not properly trained for the new positions we’re pushed into and then held responsible when something goes wrong. Tired of f not having a fair grievance policy. Of an inherently unfair merit raise system. It’s time to speak out! Come support your city workers. The city works because we do!

The City Council recently voted to adopt the union’s recommendation to create a Durham Worker’s Rights Commission that will advise the Council on pro-worker policies.  State law limits what can be done for now, but an IndyWeek article outlined what is achievable now:

“Organizer Aiden Graham said that the commission sends “a clear, official signal” that workers’ rights are a priority in Durham. While the city’s strategic plan emphasizes “shared economic prosperity,” he notes the document has more to say about fostering development than supporting workers. “If you look at our strategic plan, if you look at the website, if you look at a lot of the language in the city, there’s a lot of emphasis on making Durham a good place for businesses, and there’s been basically none around making it a good place for workers,” Graham says. “We think this is a very clear indication: That is going to change.”

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