Silence Is Golden / Way South

outside a small cityNext release is coming in late March.  It’s a side project of processed instrumental guitar pieces about my semi-rural neighborhood, which ranges from titles like “Mobile Homes” to “Hidden Mansions” following the strange geography of class in such parts of the US. Project title is “Outside A Small City.”  Limited edition of 100 on vinyl, all with a different hand painted cover by Luigi Aht Falagario, who suggested the idea of a release in conjunction with solo March European tour I’m going on with Mike Ladd. There will be a digital version available via my bandcamp page & my own Inundation Records, check back in 3 months or so. You can get Spare Parts and El Pulpo there now,

Other news is that plans are coming together nicely for a tour of New Zealand and Australia in late June and early July.  Ten shows are confirmed so far, starting with Wine Bar in Auckland on 6/26, and ending at Rocksteady Records in Melbourne somewhere around 7/20.  Stay tuned.  I’m planning on releasing another instrumental guitar project for that tour called Gnawing On the Bone, which features a cover photo of a Moab bone by Alastair Galbraith.  Also, parts for the Pure Night Plus reissue are being sent to Denton Texas for mastering.  Hoping to have CDs in hand for the summer Kiwi / Oz tour.

My sincere thanks to the UTLA for their successful strike in Los Angeles.  It means the world to me to be part of this movement of teacher agitation for “Schools Our Students Deserve” across this screwed up country of ours.  Which is really code for “Society Our Working People Deserve.”


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