Old, but new: DFI on Vi-nil

A blast from the past: Deluxx Folk Implosion have released a session of 14 tunes recorded back in the day in Brighton or Allston MA, take your pick.  Previously represented by a single track on the Kids soundtrack and a 7″ ep on Domino, DFI now lays all its nonsense punk cards on the table 20 years later.  At the time, I thought the tracks didn’t match up to some of the practice tapes we made with a Walkman.  But perhaps due to technological advances, the freshly remixed sessions now sound much more to my liking.  Thanks to Mark Perretta of Deluxx for seeing this through, and for pressing it on 45 rpm and using a “Tron” era font I enjoy, fitting in part because I played a Mellotron solo on the bridge of Daddy Never Understood.

The cover art is based on a video Larry Clark made for Daddy Never Understood for the Kids soundtrack.  Surprisingly, these are the only images of the band that we could find!  I didn’t like the video back then or now, and it actually led me to fight London records for the right to have creative control over the Natural One video we made afterwards after a successful screaming match over the phone with Peter Koepke.  (“Any references to the movie will be oblique.”)


I wish we had photos of some of the real gigs we played back then for the cover.  White pants and black turtlenecks at a Toys for Tots benefit we played for a handful of hostile Marines in uniform on Landsdowne Street.  Or the orange and red shiny shirts we wore at Dingwall’s in London next to orange and red floor lamps rented for the occasion, (thank you Domino records.)

But, given that we don’t, I like the stills Mark separated out from the poolside rooftop video shoot fine.  And the spinning eye on the inner label is fly.

Check it out here:


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