Busking in the digital age

Photo on 1-18-14 at 11.49 AMI’m planning on doing a Kickstarter campaign in July to help with the costs of recording and mixing a new album with Scott Solter this summer.  We will be starting by doing a few days in the studio late next week!

At any rate, I have a pretty good draft of the rewards, but I’m posting this here to say that if anyone would like to suggest ones they would like to see, shoot me an email at:  jdsoundbite@gmail.com

Someone wrote me after I said as much on Twitter, for example, and suggested making demo tapes of the songs from Blue Mountains available, which I will if I can locate them in time!  If I can’t, I might get a little bit grouchy…

Photo on 1-18-14 at 11.53 AM

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