Other John Davises.2: Practice Space Music

In a parallel lifetime, I moonlight as the lead singer of Korn.  If you haven’t seen me recently, the ‘locks may seem like a bit of a stylistic departure from the shorter look you can see below at left:
John w/ Dennis Callaci and Chris Jones of Refrigerator    John Davis
Chris from Refrigerator wrestled me to the ground until I promised to grow my hair out longer than his.  I soon realized the only way to do this was to join Korn.
I was well prepared for this endeavor.  While recording the Folk Implosion album Dare To Be Surprised, I absorbed all of the nuances of Korn’s style by lending an ear to the sounds produced by the many bands that occupied the other rooms at the practice space complex we were working in,  They were so loud that we had to wait to do our vocal overdubs until they took bathroom breaks.  No amount of sound proofing could contain the racket these guys – and they were GUYS – produced.
Trips to and from the small studio also provided essential fashion primers I draw on in my new gig today.  I took extensive Polaroid documentation of the fashion protocols, mostly by stopping these dudes in the halls while pretending to be a music journalist.  I supplemented this research by taking pictures of bicycle messengers I used to see zipping in and out of traffic in downtown Boston.  As soon as I teleported myself into the body of another Jo(h)n Davis, I was ready to rock.
The best part is, being on the road with Korn taught me to play a mean bagpipe.  Expect extensive solos evocative of the Scottish Highlands on my next solo release.  My sincere thanks to the rest of the guys from Korn for allowing me to take time out from the band to work on this vanity project.
Until then,
See you in the mosh pit.

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