Prarie Wind P.S.

As an addendum to my post of April 8th on Neil Young’s album Prarie Wind in general, and song “It’s A Dream” in particular, I’m posting this video clip of the late Thai monk Achaan Chah, in whose lineage many of the Western Insight Meditation teachers I have studied with over the years trained..  

“(One who meditates) sees that everything that is born expires.  So his suffering diminishes, as he knows that nothing belongs to him… To help people understand the nature of the body, we have human skeletons in the meditation hall.  Because when one doesn’t understand death, life is very confusing.  If out body really belonged to us, then it would obey our commands.  But if we tell our body, ‘don’t get sick,” or ‘I forbid you to get old,’ does it obey us? No. It takes no notice.  We only rent this house. We don’t own it.  If we think the house belongs to us, when we have to leave it to die, we suffer.”

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