Dear IRS,


Please consider changing the name of the 1040 tax return form to WD40.  I think the company would surely be willing to pay the government to name the form after their product, much as firms like Citibank currently pay for the naming rights for sports stadiums.  I mean, what’s more visible, the standard annual tax form or a stadium that houses the New York Mets?  This new revenue stream could do wonders for the federal deficit.

Speaking for myself, the association of my annual tax form with this fine product would also lubricate the entire process of paying my taxes, and make it go more smoothly.  Who know, it might even loosen the gears of the accounting departments of firms like GE and Bank of America, who are currently locked into the position of refusing to pay any taxes to the government whatsoever.  Just a thought,

Sincere regards,

John Davis

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