Goldsboro Goldbugs

The Goldsboro Goldbugs topped the Greenvielle Greenies and Ayden Aces in the standings, in the battle of alliteration. The Coastal Plain League was mired in controversy in 1938, due to several clubs’ use of ineligible players. Many games were forfeited.”

The above quote and image come from the website of Ebbets Field Flannels of Seattle Washington, who have just started their annual clearance sale.  They make memorabilia of teams that have nothing to do with Major League Baseball.  Most of their stuff is also for teams that no longer exist.  They pride themselves on preserving the history of the Negro Leagues that existed before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, and they also carry lots of cool stuff preserving the history of baseball in Latin America.  The below cap is a replica of the one worn by the 1964 Tabasco Bananas.  The icon on the front represents the nearby step pyramid built by the Olmec people circa 1000 B.C.  According to eHow, “Each layer represented a different layer of the cosmos, such as the celestial layer, terrestrial layer and subterranean layer.”  The owners of Ebbets field discovered the original cap in the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame.  I printed out a picture of this replica for a kid I know who went to visit the real step pyramids in Tabasco..

EBF’s two main other areas of expertise are Japanese and minor league baseball.   The flannel jersey at the top of this post falls into the latter category.  It’s a replica of the home jersey of the 1938 Goldsboro Goldbugs of the Coastal Plain League.  I’ve never bought one of these flannels due to the price, although I have bought several T-Shirts and once gave my dad a KC Monarchs hat for Christmas.  I do like to make desktop backgrounds for my laptop out of pictures of them.  I think I’m gonna go make another one right now…

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